Make a Connection!

Hit the like button if you’re interested in someone, and If they like you, a connection is made! You can message and interact with connections, view their updates, and so much more.

Send a Super Like!

If you really like someone, don’t just hit the like button; send a Super Like! Super Likes are video messages you can send to let people know you’re very interested; and they can send one back to you! No more fake profiles and old photos! A Super Like is our new and innovative way of connecting with people so that our members know who they’re chatting with.

See everyone who likes you! And everyone you like.

Check your connections and you can easily find everyone who likes you, as well as everyone you like!

Share Moments

Moments is your ever-changing collection of photos, videos and updates made by you and your connections. You can share, like and comment on moments.

Don't be shy, update your connections!

You can update your connections by posting pictures, videos and updating your status on your feed.